Christmas Card Exchange

We would like to announce the 2016 STTP Christmas card exchange!

Last year’s STTP Christmas card was very popular, so it only made sense to expand it this year to an exchange. We want everyone to be able to participate in a safe and private way, so we’ve designed it so that you don’t need to give your address to anyone but the exchange organizer, Makoto. Also note that the exchange is separate from the in-game Secret Santa, you do not need to participate in both.

On November 25st, each participant will receive a list of the in-game names of the other participants (No real names, no addresses). You write up cards for everyone, then send all the cards in a single package to Makoto by December 5th. Makoto will then sort all the cards and send each participant the cards they received in a package. We also have a special surprise for those who participate!

If you are interested in participating, please contact Makoto by November 25th with your address and preferred name to send the package to.

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