This charter outlines the rules and regulations of the FFXIV free company ‘Sleepy Time Tea Party’. It is the hope of the founding members that this charter will guide the free company to meet it’s goals and choose the wisest course of action.

The name of the free company shall be ‘Sleepy Time Tea Party’ and shall use the tag STTP.

The Free Company will provide a welcoming and safe environment for it’s members to play and socialize in.
The Free Company members will work together to assist and promote progression through the game and encourage player development.
The Free Company leadership will work to ensure that all decisions reflect consideration of various member goals, issues and concerns.

Terms of membership
Application for membership is open to any player who is either:
1) Known to a current free company member.
2) Completes the free company application process
3) Has been a free company member in the past
Probationary membership shall be granted to all applicants who meet the requirements excepting that they have not been barred from membership as part of a disciplinary action and there is no reasonable contest to the application by a current member. Full membership shall be granted to any probationary member after a period of two weeks on condition that the probationary member has upheld the free company rules and regulations and is not under disciplinary action.
Members who have not signed into FFXIV for a period of 60 days or more will be removed from the free company’s active membership.
All members are expected to obey and uphold the rules and regulations of the free company.

Leader – The leader is an officer and member who provides direction for the free company and ensures that officers act in the spirit of the charter.
Officer – Officers are members who perform administrative duties to ensure the smooth operation of the free company and can make official decisions for the free company.
Adviser – Advisers are members who assist officers with duties, but cannot make official decisions for the free company.
Member – Members are the core rank of the free company with full permissions and benefits of membership.
Probationary Member – Probationary members are players who have completed the application process and are currently seeking full membership.

With the understanding that good communication is key to success, the free company should strive to ensure that all members have access to official announcements and discussions. Announcements should occur through official channels of the free company chat and website only. A permanent record of past announcements shall be made available to members on the free company website. Members shall be allowed access to any meeting or discussion except where the need for privacy is required. Where possible members should be granted the opportunity to comment.

Rules & Disciplinary actions
All members agree to obey and uphold the rules and regulations of the free company, both in word and intent. Any additions or changes to the rules and regulations must be approved by a majority vote of current officers. Amendments to the free company charter must be approved by a majority vote of members. Additions or changes must be announced in game and on the website at least one full day before they can go into effect. In the event a member infringes the rules and regulations of the free company, an officer may impose a disciplinary action on the member. Disciplinary actions can include a limiting of privileges, revocation of probationary membership, and revocation of membership & barring from future membership. Revocation of membership should only be enacted with the approval of the leader. Disciplinary actions should be announced on the free company website to ensure that all members understand why an action has been taken.

The Sleepy Time Tea Party charter has been reviewed and approved by the founding members of this Free Company.

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