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    During the early afternoon along the old entrance to the allagan ruins in the area of eastern thanalan, done by the burning wall. The gate started to crackle with blue energy. A loud crackling sound and a rumbling noise was echoing through the burning wall when a bright blue light that lights up the entire area so anyone in the burning walls will see the bright light or even anyone by the entrance. The bright light lasted for a few moments before shutting down and faded away. Chunks of lost allagan parts of metal and glowing ruins were now at the entrance a big pile of rubble like something exploded and was thrown through one of the gates that went into the allagan ruin on the otherside of the gate. The rumble toppled over and there was a loud scream of a girl after the rumble hit the floor but there was no sign of a girl but it was deffinitly a girl. If anyone anyone would look they may see a small dainty clawed hand poking out of some of the rubble. The fingers could be seen if one was looking twitching and wiggling some. So the girl was alive but most deffinitly hurt. A small blue carbuncle stepped out from under the ruins and guarded the spot in case unwanted monsters would come out but it seemed the carbuncle was very weak as it just laid around like it was not getting its full aether flow needed to give its full strength the fact that it was there at all was just simply amazing.

    (For those that wish to join all are welcome to join in on the rp but please allow Eisa the ability and chance to find her sister first, is all I ask! ^^ )

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