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    Name: Dedede Dede (Yes, that is actually her birth name)
    Nicknames: Deeds, Deedster, Dedededede (ad infinitum)
    Race: Dunesfolk Lalalfell
    Height: So smol, m8. So smol. 2’10”.
    Weight: More than you’d expect, thanks to her armor and massive appetite.
    Eyes: Blue-green, luminescent, as are the eyes of all Dunesfolk.
    Hair: Not just pink. PANK. She dyes it religiously. Her current haircut is a long, feathered do with buzzed sides.
    Class: Dragoon (Primary), Dark Knight (Secondary)
    Defining physical features: She wears bright colors, dying most of her clothes metallic purple to compliment her hair. If she’s not in her armor, Dedede typically wears a high house bustle (also dyed metallic purple). She’s ripped, since her best trait is her strength and mobility in combat.

    Positive Traits: Determined to succeed no matter what anyone says. Loyal to those she considers friends. Can-Do attitude. High enthusiasm. Adorable, if she doesn’t open her mouth. Has a soft spot for those in need, especially the poor and refugees.
    Negative Traits: Arrogant, greedy, power-hungry, unintelligent, lustful, wrathful, insecure. She’s a thugdere.

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    I’m starting to feel like I’ve misformatted my char’s info

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