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    Name: Mayari tsukuyomi
    Gender: Female
    Nicknames: Maya
    Birthday: 19th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon (June 19th?)
    Age: 23
    Guardian: Menphina the Lover
    Race: Miqo’te (Keeper of The Moon)
    Hair: Shoulder length dark brown hair
    Eye color: Yellow

    Mayari is a woman of few words. When it comes to strangers she is extremely quiet and reserved often coming off as aloof. She isn’t one to strike up a conversation and when she does it’s usually short and to the point.
    However when it comes to those she knows closely she is much more open and talkative. Although Mayari is friendlier when it comes to her friends, she prefers being in her own company. As she often finds herself “drained” or “tired” after she spends time with large groups of people. Mayari is honest, almost too honest. She is not one to sugar coat the truth at all. Because Mayari can be so blunt at times she can come across as someone who is little rude and doesn’t think before she speaks (she really doesn’t tbh). Although she may not not look it Mayari takes in great pleasure when it comes to messing with her friends. Be it with teasing or a harmless prank if she is able to get a rise out of the person as a result Mayari will be one happy camper.

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