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    Over the past few months we’ve moved servers, formed an FC, bought a house, crafted an airship, and started building our tea house. We’ve made an amazing home for our small family, and it’s about time we push ever harder to grow STTP in to the wonderful place it can be. I’d like to propose a new recruitment initiative, that all of us can take part in. Whether you’re killing monsters, weaving an elegant dress, or just running in circles in the front lawn everyone can open up Party Finder, and outlined down below will be a passage that you can use as a base for your own recruitment ads.

    STTP, a casual social FC populated by core of laid back and fun loving players. Whether your idea of fun is running the new end game content, partaking in light RP, leveling your 8th job, or just running in circles STTP is a place for you. We have a small house in the Mists, a TS server, and our own website. 18+ Preferred, if you have any questions, concerns, or feel the sudden intense desire to join the party whisper (Insert your name).

    You’re free to take what you want out of that passage and really make it your own. If you’d rather shout in a major city, or make your own party finders for content and bring cool people in that way, however you go about bringing in people is all up to you, this is just to get us all started. I think we all have our idea of what our little home is, but we can all agree we want to have fun, and to make sure that there’s always people around to have fun with we all need to get out there and recruit!

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    The text above is a bit verbose for the PF comment section, here is a shorter version

    <STTP> is a casual social FC looking for players of any level looking to socialize and have fun. Send tell, or visit plot 18 of 9th Ward in Mist if interested.

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